With the smoke and the fire and the stars at night

Up again in the morning bright

With nothing but road and sky in sight

And nothing to do but go...

—old hobo poem

Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Big Day

I couldn't sleep last night, getting up and down and even pacing around a bit, which I never do. There were two reasons: one, I was too sore to sleep, and two, I was worried about today. 

A simple ibuprofen taken in the middle of the night cured most of the soreness, and seeing the first light of day cured most, if not all, of the fears. It always amazes me how the human brain can worry itself silly about irrational fears and yet not worry enough about rational ones. I don't normally worry like this, but since I'm living on the edge financially, there's no room for mistakes. But not having money is part of the adventure and makes things more interesting.

I spent yesterday moving stuff into a small storage unit, which would normally be no big deal, but since it had to go into the back of my FJ and the unit was several miles away, the several trips and doing laundry managed to take all day. The main part of the ordeal was trying to decide what I would need in my little trailer and not take more than that. I've done this enough that I know how easy it is to take things you don't really need. A big box of really nice books went to the library donation box.

Yucca seed pods

Anyway, most people would be excited to be getting a new rig, and I am, but I tend to worry about things I can't do, and mechanical stuff is one of those things I can't do. An older 1986 trailer kind of worries me, though I don't know why, as it's had good care. Actually, pulling a trailer has always worried me, but I'm hoping since this one's so small (13 feet), it will be easy. We're supposed to get 40 mph winds today and tomorrow, so I hope it doesn't blow away (an example of an irrational fear).

So...off I go to the big city (Grand Junction, Colorado, 115 miles away) to pick up my trailer. I have to run a bunch of errands first, get a new battery for the trailer and supplies, but I think it will all work out OK. And by day's end, I'll have my new little Burro. Tomorrow will be spent putting my stuff in it and finishing the house cleaning, then Monday it's off to the wildlands. 

I was planning on camping around Moab, but since I realized it's Jeep Safari (Moab's busiest week), I may head off to the Green River Desert. And off to a new life!


  1. You are gonna do just fine girl! Life can be scary if ya let it be, but only other choice is to grow moldy sittin' in one spot! Life is an adventure, go live it!

  2. Worrying is one of the things I'm good at, as well. Then I ask myself. What was my biggest worry last week? Did it come to pass? Invariably the answer is either 'no' or I can't recall what I was worrying about last week. I still worry some, but not as much as I did at one time.
    Mostly I find that good preparation is far better, and surely more productive, then worries.

    When the girls were young, when we set out on a big camping trip, my wife and the kids would sing the song from The Hobbit book.

    “The greatest adventure is what lies ahead.
    Today and tomorrow are yet to be said.
    The chances, the changes are all yours to make.
    The mold of your life is in your hands to break.”
    ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

    So you enjoy you're travels. We'll be hitching a ride on the bumper.

    Remember that silly song? "Don't worry, be happy." Kind of gets in my mind sometimes.

    Gotta go. I'm sure there is something that needs some worrying. :-)

    Talk to you later.


  3. ¡Buena suerte! Being told "good luck" by a duck is good luck, at least that's what I'm told.

    What is it with middle-of-the-night terror?? Afflicts me, too. Annie just wakes up to listen for zombies.

  4. I seem to worry about the things that don't need worrying about and then skip the things that could use some worrying. But I would think twice about a little trailer in 40mph winds. I won't even drive my motor home in those. Lay low and move when they lighten up is my advice. LOVE the burro and our miscommunication about it.


  5. Stardate 7:30 pm (can a time be a date?), and here I am, back in Moab. Little Brighty sits in the drive and everything went fine, but I'm exhausted.

    Thanks for all the good words, and I love the Hobbit quote!

  6. Hope you found that little trailer wasn't bothered at all by those winds. I've spent many sleepless nights worrying about things that never came to pass. Enjoy the days with Brighty and leave the worry to others. If the Burro is anything like a Casita, there is very little to go wrong, that a pair of pliers and a wrench or two, won't fix.

  7. There was a pretty steady head wind coming back, but the little Burro didn't even seem to notice. I also found myself not as tense as when pulling bigger trailers - I thought, oh, so this is what it's like to have a rig that's sized for the trailer! Even though my FJ is rated at 5000# tow capacity, its short-wheel base nakes it feel undersized with the bigger trailers. The little Burro followed along just fine and I found my worries were for naught, which is how you want worries to be, right?

    Love those fiberglasses!

  8. One thing you need to do with any trailer is to have the wheel bearings greased annually. Not expensive but very important.

  9. Thanks, Ed. They were just done, but the guy said every 30,000 miles - I think he's thinking of a car! Will get them done at the end of the season. Thanks for the heads up.