With the smoke and the fire and the stars at night

Up again in the morning bright

With nothing but road and sky in sight

And nothing to do but go...

—old hobo poem

Thursday, March 15, 2012

On Callie and Feynman and Adventure

Callie loves the big trees here.
We have another new ranch hand here at Spotted Dog, though this one's been here before, so is actually an old hand. This is good, as I missed her, but sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed when I think of hitting the road in a smallish vehicle and a tent, trying to get two cats, four dogs, and all my gear and water and food into a very finite space. And climate control is much more important when you have critters.

Callie came along when Rowdy was rescued, as she was starving and needed a home. She's a beautiful calico, about two years old, and very sweet. She lived with us here in the Moab cottage for about two months, then she went to be the house cat for the Kokopelli Lodge here, where she was much loved. 

But...she decided she didn't want to stay inside, so took to darting out into the sometimes busy street. After a few months, we all decided she would be better off back with me, so I went and got her this evening. I think she's a lot like me and hates being cooped up. She likes adventure, and I can't fault that.

Richard Feynman, the briliant Nobel winning physicist, was an adventure seeker. He once said, "I'm an explorer, I get curious about everything." He also said that it wasn't an adventure if you just drove along the regular routes and stayed at the Holiday Inns. Here's a Nova video of his last great adventure, which is a fantastic lesson in making your dreams come true. 

Evening rays light up the slickrock. 
Anyway, the more I meet of the RV crowd, the more I think many of them are modern gypsies, not content with living in the same place and doing the same thing day after day. There's an entire subculture to be found wandering about this country, and even subcultures within that one.

I find myself like Callie and Feynman, especially in the spring. I want to be out exploring, even though it's hard sometimes. But it's almost always an adventure, at least the way I manage to do it, as I typically don't have the money and gear to wander very comfortably or be secure. 

Well, anyway, Rowdy adores Callie, but she won't let him near her, and she was like this before. He makes little cooing sounds and she just hisses at him. I guess they'll have to work it all out. 

As my California best friend Diana would say, "Oi vey!" It will be interesting when we hit the road to see how they manage in close quarters. 

Just another adventure on the twisty up and down and endlessly fascinating highway of life.

When the day is done...surround yourself with beauty.


  1. Yes, there are many modern day Gypsies out here in the RV world alright. The Gypsy boondocking lifestyle is a calming evolvement of self away from the social norm for many of us. Wouldn't want it any other way......

  2. Calming is a good way to describe it. After awhile, you find you can't deal with what people consider normal - noise, stuff all over, other people, traffic, TV, etc.

    And gypsies sure have some interesting stories to tell aorund the campfire...

  3. Loved the Feynman link. Thanks for putting on your blog.

  4. He was a real gem, one of a kind. A true genius.

  5. We tried to rehome the cats, thinking it would be better for them, but nothing ever stuck. Finally, we just decided that whoever was still with us when we turned the key was going with us, and it has been fine.

    We added a young rescue along the way, who was in serious trouble. He had the social skills of the kitten he was, but the old kids finally warmed up to him.