With the smoke and the fire and the stars at night

Up again in the morning bright

With nothing but road and sky in sight

And nothing to do but go...

—old hobo poem

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Today I Adopted a Burro!!!

I can't decide on a good name—Barney the Burro? I'm not sure if it's a guy, though—maybe Bertie? Neither of those really work, so any suggestions appreciated.

The little guy or gal is not real young, about 26, having been born in 1986. He/she's white and really cute, though small, but that's OK, it makes her easier to manage and takes less food to keep going.

My other option was to buy this house in Montana. Not much of a contest.
It was love at first sight, or actually, love at first photo. I noticed the ad had been up for three hours, and I just knew Barnie/Bertie would be gone, as I've tried this before and these little guys are really popular. I made the call, and I'll be darned, she was still homeless! But her guardian told me later he'd gotten a half-dozen calls within a few hours after mine.

So, I went over to Colorado today and took a look and soon signed the adoption papers. I won't be able to bring her home for a few days, but I'm excited. She's in excellent shape and will be a perfect companion, faithfully carrying my food and water and bedroll and rock hammer.

Won't be long until we hit the road to go prospecting. I know we're going to find gold of some type or another—gold or silver or at the very least, uranium. 

And for sure I know we'll find the mother lode of adventure.

Update: I think I'll call her "Brighty" after the burro Brighty of the Grand Canyon. 

Cute little gal, eh? It's not the photo, she's just naturally fuzzy, you know how burros are.
Here she is defuzzed, Brighty the Burro!

From Wiki: Brighty is honored with a bronze statue in the lobby of Grand Canyon Lodge on the North RimThe monument has a memorial inscription written by Marguerite Henry: "the artist captured the soul of Brighty, forever wild, forever free."


  1. Oh! You fooled me! I thought Oh no, how will she travel with a burro?? but now I see you'll travel just fine.

  2. :)) It even has a bunkbed on one end for the cats!

  3. How adorable! I LOVE your Burro!

  4. Thanks Sue, it's like the little cousin to your Casita!

  5. Great looking trailer. Know you're going to love it.

  6. Jerry, I've been bouncing off the walls all day!

  7. *Grinning* Great looking burro. Happy hunting - I know you'll find gold of many varieties.

  8. Thanks, and hope to meet you when I go pick it up. You can see it first hand!

  9. When I saw the photo of the Burro at first I thought you'd bought a trailer to keep the little fella in... boy! was I slow on the uptake! She is a cute little critter... I bet you'll have a great time together

  10. Congrats on the Burro. You had me convinced as well that your Burro had 4 legs instead of 2 tires. She's a real cutey for sure:)) I remember seeing the statue of Brighty at the Grand Canyon's North Rim nearly 10 years ago.

  11. I am so excited for you! I felt the same way when I picked up my Casita (named My Escape Pod" 7 years ago. Freedom! Life on my terms! Then I met Chuck! Hey, life is still good! :-) If you are in the Zion area from May to Oct we will be working at Zion River Ranch RV Park! Come say howdy! Geri

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  13. Geri, I will for sure take you up on that if I get down that way. I love that area. Spent two weeks one winter at Snow Canyon in my little Casita before I had to sell it. Have always thought it would be fun to live in Rockville.

  14. How about Burro Rita. Kind of catchy, don't you think?

  15. Very nice Burro.....some took very good care of Brighty!!
    Chuck from Happy Trails

  16. Burro Rita - ha, very clever, it would work as long as no one tried to p[ut salsa on her.

    Or would that be Burro Rito?? :)

  17. You sucked me in from RV Sue's blog. I even sent some Burro advice having owned them. Glad yours has wheels since a solo burro gets lonely and horses reject their company. Heirarchy I guess.

    I've never even heard of burro the trailer. Post pics of the inside. VERY CUTE!!


  18. Sherry, since you know so much about these critters, maybe you can give me some advice. :)

    And will post more photos after I pick it up. Thanks for the comment!