With the smoke and the fire and the stars at night

Up again in the morning bright

With nothing but road and sky in sight

And nothing to do but go...

—old hobo poem

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Cute Little Burro Followed Me Home

It's not even 8 a.m., and Rowdy's sitting by the door, yowling, wanting out. Since this is a really safe neighborhood, I usually let him and Callie out each morning. 

He knows what "Rowdy, no!" means, so when I say that he stops for awhile, then makes little cooing noises, then eventually starts again. If he gets really upset, I'll put him outside in his metal carrier, along with Callie in hers. Right now I just lifted him up onto the window sill and he seems happy (he can't jump because of his injury).

You know how cats are—they seem to sense when something's up, and if they get out, they disappear for a day or so. Since we're leaving tomorrow, I can't let that happen. But neither Rowdy nor Callie are very happy about it.

Their cat tent arrived yesterday, so we're all set—it's a tent made of mesh so they can be outside without being able to run off. I also bought a second harness yesterday over in the big city. Lots of testing to do with having these cats camping with me! The main thing is to keep them safe, but happy.

Anyway, I lived through yesterday, though it really did wear me out! I have low blood sugar, and I always forget to eat and drink right when I'm busy like that. It caught up with me and I barely made it home.

At one point, I forgot what I was doing, and realized I couldn't see anything out the rearview mirrow—something big and white was back there! Then I remembered, it's Brighty! She followed me all the way home with no problems. She was so easy to haul I forgot she was there, and this even with a pretty good headwind coming back. My gas mileage was down, but not by much, so I'm happy about that. She's a svelte 1,000 pounds with no brakes. 

Since it's Jeep Safari week here in Moab, there were a number of big rigs on the road, and Brighty sure seemed to get lots of looks. I imagined all the other drivers were jealous to not have a cute burro following them, but I could be wrong about that.

So, all my fears were for naught, just a waste of energy. Thanks for all the good comments! I've had people tell me that you should worry about stuff cause then it never happens. If that's the case, there's lots of stuff that's never going to happen to me, since I can worry with the best of 'em.

It was an eye opener for me to shop in Walmart, as it's been a long time since I was in there—I came out pretty worried about all the glazed-eyed looks I saw. I think they call it recretional shopping, but I couldn't wait to get out of there. I had to get a new battery, and I also managed to get a new camp lounger chair, which I once had but had to give up without any place to haul it (my FJ's just too small)—but now I have Brighty to carry stuff for me.

So, today to execute the rest of the plan—clean and pack and get ready to hit the road tomorrow! Following your dreams (or what some may call your boondoggles) can be difficult, but the spoils go to those with tenacity—endless views, awesome sunsets, a night sky filled with bright stars, and lots of coyote song.

We're also thinking of Al, Kelly, and Pheebs as they head home to Canada with heavy hearts, as their little Motormouse passed away yesterday. Safe travels to you all, and may you be consoled in knowing you gave her the best home she could've ever possibly had.

Quoth has been hanging around some, but Broken Feather's nest-sitting. I saw him yesterday before I left.

Ed said it best in a comment yesterday:
The greatest adventure is what lies ahead. 
Today and tomorrow are yet to be said. 
The chances, the changes are all yours to make. 
The mold of your life is in your hands to break. 
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit


  1. We are glad your ride back to Moab was uneventful and that Brighty faithfully followed you home! She's probably glad to be on the road again too!

  2. Thanks, Geri. I told Brighty we're going to Zion and she thought we meant Salt Lake City! Had to tell her, no the REAL Zion. :)

  3. Brighty is a great name and she looks terrific following you home. Hope your adventures together are many!


  4. Thanks, Sherry! I just had a polcie officer here to do a VIN inspection. He asked to look inside, as he'd never seen one. He was surprised by how much room there was!

  5. Ok, now we expect a tour on your next blog! I have never seen the inside of a Burro either! Glad Brighty is looking forward to Zion this summer! Two weeks to take off! YaY! We want to get in some camping before we have to start work, first stop... Canyon de Chelly!

  6. You were probably not mistaken about the looks of envy. I've been known to peek at a little truck camper or Brighty-like trailer out of the corner of my eyeball.

    We are so sad for the Bayfield Bunch. I've been known to have a few tears come out of the corner of my eyeball over the last few hours.

  7. =D Glad you made the trip safely - sanely (I know, it's relative). Hope this season of adventure is a great one - although I'm gonna miss not getting new stories to read....

  8. I'll have to post a tour when I get it decluttered! Amazing how much stuff I managed to get in there today (junk follows me aorund). :)

    And hey, Jeannette, not to worry, that's part of the purpose for all this - to get more writing done. Will keep you posted! :)