With the smoke and the fire and the stars at night

Up again in the morning bright

With nothing but road and sky in sight

And nothing to do but go...

—old hobo poem

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Best Christmas Present Ever if You Have Pets

I thought I had a pretty good deal getting Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee for Christmas until I opened my "other" gift. 

A little context—I'm staying with someone who, even though she has pets, tends to be a bit fussy about having dog and cat hair everywhere. Me, I'm used to it—a little hair in your morning brew? No problem, just adds texture. Hair on your jacket? No problem, adds warmth. 

But she's not as patient with it as I am, so when I opened her gift, it made perfect sense, though I thought it was a bit extreme.

The more I read the box, the harder I laughed, though I was sincerely hoping she wouldn't expect me to use these items on my pets while in her home.

I will admit I was kind of worried about how closely she watched me open the box, and I had a sinking feeling she really would expect my dogs to use these sweeper things. I knew they would never cooperate. Oh well, I could just bring my camper with me next time and stay out there, no problem.

But the more I looked at the box, the more worried I got, and when I went to open it...

The box had tea and cookies inside, and I have to admit I had the best Christmas gift ever—the gift of laughing at myself.

Happy holidays to all, however you celebrate.


  1. Love it!! Merry Christmas to you, and the crew.

    1. Thanks, Jerry, and hope your holidays are super nice!

  2. Oh my!!! Had me going there for a minute!!! LOLOL.....Have a great Christmas!! P.S....I live/workamp out of a trailer similar to yours, going on 3 years now.....love it!! How is yours working out for you??

    Safe Travels..........

    1. It has some issues (mainly the heater, or lack of one - use a small propane one), but in general I really like it.

  3. Oh Yes!!..I need some doggy snowplows. I'm able to get Mr.Bear to dig my trenches, all I do is plant cookies when he gets to thinking he may be doing my job for me.
    Happy Holidays!

    1. Happy holidays to you and Bear, and may all your trenches be easy. :)

  4. Who ever thought we would be in an area to even use doggie snowplows this winter??? The doggies dustmops wouldn't get much use.... Think I would need some more floorspace first. Lol - good for a Christmas laugh.

  5. hahahahahaa! Ok, I admit it! I believed every word of it.... show me a photo and I know it is for real and really happened! Like me, Queen of Photoshop, should be so gullible! Sheeeeesh! Thanks for the chuckle and glad you CHRISTmas was a happy one! Tummy rubs to the furkids!


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